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"When the moon waxes full, we, the shaven, fill up our Metrocards, because on this night of all nights, our vans are infested with a deadly inconvenience."
-The Lead Character, My Big Fat Greek Wedding

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Upcoming Igloos Shows! Tour dates


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Today’s a good day to take a visit to igloostheband.com. There’s new functionality, including easier links to follow us on assorted networks, some studio demos to replace the live recordings that used to be there, a modest online merch store, access to the mailing list…..

…oh, and also, it now features goddamn Michelle Akin, who is making her live Igloos debut in just a few short weeks.

That’s Thursday, April 4, at Fontana’s: 105 Eldridge Street in Manhattan. (Facebook )

Igloos goes on at 10 PM. Your $7 cover gets you in to see the following lineup, but we do ask that when they ask you at the door, you let them know you’re there to see Igloos:

Maggie Poulous at 8 PM
Michael Simone at 9 PM
****IGLOOS at 10 PM****
Jungles at 11 PM

Be there!